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Hi, Jamie Murray here. 

I'm no expert. I'm not a psychologist; I'm not a counselor. I'm an author. 

I help the everyday life of one connect to the everyday life of all by saying out loud what so many of us are managing in silence.  

I'm on a mission to help us all feel more seen and heard in our own lives. 
Jamie Murray Author


Jamie Murray Author

Jamie Murray is a three-time bestselling author, CFO and mom to four. She lives in South Texas where she runs a commercial construction company with her husband. Jamie became a mother at seventeen years old and went on to graduate from Texas Woman’s University. Before becoming an entrepreneur and an author, Jamie was a high school English teacher. Today, she spends her days juggling the demands of running a family and a company while building a brand centered around saying out loud what humans all over the world are managing in silence.

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Carolyn S.

Jamie is a beautiful writer. I feel like I am right there with her. She illustrates the importance of  self-love, honoring your own boundaries and leading from a place of wholeness rather than emptiness. 

Jamie Murray
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